Boomwhackers® Sheet Music and More!!! Boompak is here!!!

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Boomwhackers® Sheet Music and More!!! Boompak is here!!!

Pretty excited about this one!!! is up and running!

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My wife is a Elementary School teacher and I have been wanting to make resources for her and all the music teachers out there. One of the instruments that she uses frequently are called “Boomwhackers®”! Basically, they are pitched colored tubes that make a sound when you hit them on the ground or with each other. It is a great way to teach children how to read music and learn rhythm too. So with her input, we are producing  Boomwhackers® Sheet Music (Boompaks) that will have great accompaniment tracks. We want it to be fun, upbeat,and challenging all at the same time. I want to share a few excerpts, written by my wife, from the new site:

If you are here, I’m guessing you are a music educator like myself. Like you, I’m constantly scouring the internet to find my “next” lesson, or chorus piece. How cool is it when you stumble upon something new (like Boomwhackers® sheet music . . hint, hint 😉 ) and exciting that reminds you of why you got into music education in the first place. I love those moments. So much so that I (along with my husband) have set out to hopefully create a few of those awesome musical moments for you!

As an Orff certified teacher I love incorporating percussion instruments into my lessons and performances. In my experience, using percussion keeps the students engaged and gives them a hands-on connection to what I’m teaching. Speaking of hands on. . . lets talk Boomwhackers®.

Why Boomhwhackers®?

I’ve personally had success using Boomwhackers® with my students. I appreciate the affordability, portability and the instant success a student has playing them. That is why I’ve chosen to put my energy into making fun, energetic and action packed arrangements for Boomwhackers®.

Let me introduce you to “Boompak”!

With Boomwhackers® as the centerpiece, our team has worked hard to produce practical playable arrangements with great high quality accompaniment tracks that you and your students will love.

  What’s included in Boompak?

  • Most Boompaks consist of a downloadable zip file containing a mp3 stereo accompaniment track, a mp3 listening demo, a teacher’s score and a student score. The student score can be copied as many times as you need! (hooray!) All scores are in PDF format so they can be printed out or displayed on a [highlight]promethium board.
  • Our Simple Series is an inexpensive  Boomwhackers® sheet music bundle (or pak) of 10 traditional songs. These simple arrangements are perfect for young students. Each song has the lyrics and chords in addition to the color coded “big note” notation. (This product does not have an accompaniment track)
  • Our Percussion Series combines Boomwhackers® and what I call “classroom percussion”. ( percussion instruments that you will actually have access to) These arrangements are for your older students to use in different  performances throughout the year. The pieces in this series are intended to be performed without a track so that you can tailor the tempos to your student’s ability (and in case someone gets out of sync you won’t have to deal with a rogue track that continues on . . . we like to avoid train wrecks around here;)

 Music Educator’s out there! Get your FREE Boomwhacker® Resource “pak” by clicking on the picture below.

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