“Cinematic Strings 2” Demos loaded on Youtube

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“Cinematic Strings 2” Demos loaded on Youtube
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    Using a great program “Screen Flow”, I’ve captured my protools screen to let you watch the midi roll by these “Cinematic Strings 2” demos. You can read my short review here. Follow us on soundclound here .

 Reviews of Cinematic Strings 2:

Here is a review from “Music Tech’s”
“From the moment a patch is loaded and the brilliantly simple GUI appears you know that this is going to be an easy library to manage.” “This library was created with a focus on efficiency and authenticity – and it certainly shows. We have yet to come across an easier-to-use GUI of this type and the sound is top-drawer, rich and sonorous across all sections. It’s all possible with Cinematic Strings 2 – soaring melodies for emotional scenes and all the punch you’ll need for highlighting on-screen action.” “Cinematic Strings 2 is a treat to use, sounds great and should be a serious consideration for anyone in need of an orchestral string library.” 9/10 MusicTech “Choice” Award 

Here is a review from “Sound on Sound”:

“Cinematic Strings always sounded great, and the 2.0 upgrade has made it more compact and instantly playable. The new staccatissimos are ideal, energetic film-score fodder and the improved legato engine is an aid to emotional expression; the streamlined, simplified and intuitive design is also a boon to be the composers.” “For quickly creating classy-sounding orchestral string scores of great vibrancy, colour, power, lushness and emotionality, this collection is hard to beat.”
Here is a review from “Scorecast online“:
The sound of Cinematic Strings 2.0 is superb. The cellos in particular have a very nice bite and work in all possible situations. The one thing that really drives this library home is the ease of use. One patch per section, all articulations and controls are immediately accessible. The interface is a joy to look at and makes every function very clear.” “As a string workhorse library, Cinematic Strings is for me the best you can get when looking at both sound and usability.”

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