Cinematic Strings 2 Review

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Cinematic Strings 2 Review
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After doing about a month of research of what new string sample Library I need to get, I  decided on Cinematic Strings 2. I’ve spent a few days with them  and all I can say is wow! Most sample libraries have a very steep learning curve  and leave folks frustrated. It takes multiple tracks just to get one string section to sound good and it takes a very long time to program. (not to mention that some companies recommend a separate computer just to run the strings.) All of that extra time and effort can destroy creativity, and adds to the stress of tight deadlines. I just talked with colleague who just spent $1000 dollars on one of the more popular hi-end string libraries only to get frustrated and go back to his older samples because he was so frustrated with them.  The creators of Cinematic Strings 2 took a user friendly approach to their design and interface. As someone who has those dreaded tight deadlines and needs to turn things around quick, I appreciate their approach. Below is a cue that I wrote in a few hours, start to finish. I’ve compared it to some recordings of real string sections and it is truly amazing how close the Cinematic Strings are to the real thing.  That warmth and realism coupled with ease of use makes for one powerful and inspiring product. After I set up a simple template of only 5 tracks, and spent a few hours with them, I felt very comfortable with how to edit the performance to feel great. Make sure to go and check out the Cinematic Strings 2 website HERE. Their videos (especially the eq settings video) are invaluable.   Listen for yourself . . .

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