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MusicPro Consulting | Nashville Music Consulting
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Kris Crunk and Phil Naish are teaming up to form a new Nashville Music Consulting Company.

  Here are a few excerpts from the new site:   Musicpro consulting  is the teaming of Phil Naish and Kris Crunk.  As a part of Grammy winning, Dove winning and platinum selling albums, we can apply our expertise to your project. This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes and take advantage of our experiences in the music business. While we are a “Nashville” Music Consulting company, we aren’t limited to our location. With our many global options such as online video conversations,  Google hangout classes and training products we provide many tiered options to reach your goals.  If you are in the Nashville area and want to have a meeting face to face, we can set that up as well. Make sure to connect with us and make your appointment today.     Experience Matters – The Musicpro Consulting team has a proven track record of music production at the highest levels. We know what it takes to make great music and we don’t apologize for setting the standard high. To get that “radio sound”, we work  in world class studios with world class musicians. The results speak for themselves. We’d love to join up with you and your music and make something special.    

One Hour of Music Consultation with Our Experienced Production Team . . .

can help you keep your music making on the cutting edge for many years to come. Music Production can be very complex and time consuming.  The majority of the foundational and ongoing elements needed in an music career or production are really things that should be handled by professionals. In these situations you end up saving time and money when something is done correctly the first time. That said, whenever possible, we like to encourage our clients to learn, know and try as much of what we do as possible.    

Do You Need a Push in the Right Direction?

Perhaps you’ve got your music production skills fairly honed in or your music career has taken off, but you’re interested in fine tuning things even more. Or, perhaps you are a producer interested in taking your music production to the next level.  No matter what your needs may be it always helps to consult with the experts who are consistently immersed in the industry.  

How Can Musicpro Consulting Provide Useful Consulting For You?

Not only do we have years of experience under our belts, but we just simply love talking about our industry and everything relevant to it. With the rate at which the music  industry changes it is always helpful to take advantage of any resources that can keep you and your music on the cutting edge. Let us save you the time it will take to learn what we already know  by providing you with in-depth music consulting services to point you in the right direction. We have many options available  for you to connect with us via phone, video chat, or face to face.     Contact Musicpro Consulting HERE   Visit the Musicpro Website :      

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