Pro Tools 11 is here

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Pro Tools 11 is here
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My buddy Kevin Ward owner of has created a great overview video of pro-tools 11 and all of the new features.

Before you watch’s Kevin, I have a few quick thoughts. I try not to get carried away with upgrades because if I did, that is all I would do. Things move so fast, and sometimes the “new features” aren’t worth the expense.  I try to do a major systems upgrade every year in December when things tend to slow down.  Throughout the year I get new plug-ins and cool things for sure, but I try to not do full system updates if I can get away with it. In my experience those major system upgrades create headaches and problems always seem to arise. For example when I upgraded to Pro tools 10, I lost a favorite reverb unit (TL space – There is a sound stage verb that works great on orchestra). While that doesn’t seem like a big deal, if it effects my work or causes me to miss deadlines it’s a big deal. I guess the point I’m trying to make is:  upgrades are necessary are the new features are great. There are always upgrade snags and expense though, so I want to make sure I have a window of time to take care of it all without hurting my business.

As a programmer that pushes the CPU’s limit on plug-ins, I’m excited that pro tools 11 is out and we can finally use the full resources of our computer’s ram. (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer have had pro tools beat on this for a few years) I’ve talked to a few of my friends the work at Sweetwater’s studio and they all say pro tools 11 is a game changer in workflow and in overall stability. With the ability to install both protools 10 and 11 at the same time, I am going to break my own rule and upgrade asap.  I’ll wait until I have an at least a three day window in case things go bad. (before I upgrade my OS, and once a week, I backup all of my internal mac drives to my RAID 5 tb drive. Better to be safe than sorry)  I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes. – Kris

Here is a blurb from Avid:

The fastest, most streamlined DAW just got faster! Armed with a redesigned 64-bit architecture and a highly enhanced audio engine, Pro Tools 11 gives you the processing muscle your need to work with extremely large, complex, and technically demanding sessions. Tap into more CPU power and more RAM to host more plug-ins and handle more tracks than ever before. Features such as faster-than-realtime bounce and improved key commands turbocharge your workflow, whereas advanced metering modes and a unified media engine allow you to handle professional-scale projects of any caliber. From music recording to media post — Pro Tools 11 redefines the limits of audio production.


And here is Kevin’s video:

Make sure you head over to Mix coach for more training:



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