Pop Production – REVIEW

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Pop Production – REVIEW

We were thrilled when we found this great review of “Pop Production” from Kern Ramsdell over at Home Recording Weekly.

Here is Kern’s final thought on the product:
So, to wrap up what I think about “Pop Production“, with Kris Crunk, via The Mix Coach, Kevin Ward. Well if you are into production like I am, then this is an amazing video series. I love training videos anyway, and this one is unlike any that I have ever watched. Kris Crunk shows us what lies behind the “magic curtain of todays song production”. So many of us long to break into the business of song writing and song production and “Pop Production” shows us how to actually get our chops in order. I loved the video series, and highly recommend it to all of you! “Pop Production” showed me that I can do this, and it also gave me a lot of cool tips and insights that I was not expecting. Thanks for checking out my review!
This video teaching product was created by Kris Crunk and Kevin Ward and can be purchased at MixCoach.com

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